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Do-It-Yourself Stump Grinding!  Here you will find some helpful hints if you are looking to tackle your own projects!

Stump Grinding Service Charlotte NCIf you've ever had a tree cut down, you've surely realized that the fee for the tree removal does not include stump removal or stump grinding.  This unpleasant task is typically left at the homeowners time and expense.  You may have tried chaining it up to a truck, burning, chemicals and many other ideas that often lead to less than desirable results i.e. broken trucks and unsightly terrain!

Most tree removal and stump removal businesses will charge based on the size of the stump that needs removed.  Obviously if you are in a remote location you can expect to pay a little more.  In the Charlotte area you can always rent your own stump grinder for somewhere between $100-$200 per day.  This may not be a bad option if you have your own truck and the time to invest in your project. Also you may have neighbors that could use it that may be willing to pitch in and subsidize your costs! Just make certain you understand how to safely operate the machine and WEAR SAFETY GLASSES.  Stump grinding wheels spin at a very high rate of speed and consequently can send debris flying into the air that can be very dangerous.

So you've decided to tackle this on your own?  Here's some helpful stump grinding tips:

1.  Make sure the stump you are about to grind has been cut as low as possible to the ground to speed up the grinding process.

2.  If there are any visible rocks use a pick axe or shovel and remove them from the area.  Once the grinding wheel starts working rocks not only dull the wheel but can be hazardous projectiles.

3.  Make sure you have thorough and proper instruction prior to operating the stump grinding machine!

4.  Slowly begin grinding the stump passing from side to side, taking off a little bit at a time.  This process takes time and you will generate a lot of mulch and wood chips that are excellent for your beds.

5.  Continue until you have grinded the entire stump.  Make sure you have removed enough to where you have dug at least 8 inches below the ground surface.

6.  Rake out the hole, fill with top soil, pack the dirt and plant your grass seed.  Note it is not recommended to plant another tree immediately in the hole as the root system of the previous tree has yet to decompose.

Hope this helps with your Stump Grinding project!  We are h
ere for you if you need us!

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